About Performing Arts Perspectives (WA)

From the Performing Arts Perspectives Committee

We would like to acknowledge the commitment and contribution to excellence in education of all performing arts teachers and schools.

To ensure that the integrity of the pieces used by students in their exams are maintained; minimal lighting, sound and staging elements are added to the performances.

Some performances may contain languages, themes and gestures that offend.

Performing Arts Perspectives performances are intended for senior secondary students and adults, with parameters and conventions for performance aligning closely with those defined by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. The Performing Arts Perspectives committee does not endorse the views or material contained in student performances.

We thank our sponsors, listed on our sponsors page, and encourage you to support businesses and organisations that support education and the arts.

The selection of performers and items for inclusion in the programme are carefully made to reflect both benchmark performances and the breadth of work covered in each subject discipline.

The highest scoring WACE/TEE students are invited to audition and from these performers are chosen to reflect the range and scope of creativity by a panel made up of representatives from the relevant professional arts area and education sector.

We thank the following people for their time, support and dedication:

The Performing Arts Perspectives Committee:

Lisa Honczarenko (Chair)
Lorraine Scorer
Genevie Baker
Sven Sorenson
Margaret Blackborrow
David Ballantyne
Chris McMillan
Robin Pascoe
Jane Alderson
Katherine McLeod

Event Team:

Artistic Director: Adam Mitchell (2010, 2012 – 2017)
Choreographer: Rhiannon Newton (2014-2017), staged by Amy Wiseman 2017
Event Manager: Amy Wiseman (2016 – 2017)
Graphic Designer: Brendan Hibbert (2012 – 2017)
Program Design Peter Stone – The Big Picture Factory (2016 – 2017)
and Photography:
The production and administration staff at Perth Concert Hall

Past Credits:

2015 Event Manager: Leanne Casellas
2010-2014 Event Coordinator: Talei Howell-Price
2012 Rehearsal Choreographer – Cadi McCarthy
2014-2015 Event Admin Asst: Caitlin Scott
2012 Event Assistant – Julie Vincent
2011 Artistic Director: Maxwell Leech
2012-2015 Photographer: Christophe Canato
2011 Photographer: Julian Masters
2010 Artistic Director: Adam Mitchell
2010 Photographer: Elisabeth Ansley
2010-2015 Filming: Ashley de Prazer
2010-2011 Graphic Designer: Claire Gordon, Considerate Design

A big thank you also to our performers for allowing us to publish their image:
Blythe Meechan
Brodie Stewart
Calum Braham
Chelsea Jones
Christopher Ratcliffe
Ellen D’Cruz
Giovanni Vinci
Harrison Mitchell
Jaz Cappeau
Jordan Berini
Kaitlin Redmond-Ball
Kathryn Doyle
Kiara Damiani
Kieran Wych
Lucy Clements
Maddison O’Regan
Mark Beasy
Mia Formentin
Sarah Coulter-Nile
Sarah Pantlin
Sascha Martineau
Scott Elstermann
Shalom Brune-Franklin
Sheridan Gerrard
Simon Thuijs
Terra Tormey

Riley Skevington
David Chidgzey
Euphina Yap
Gabriel Fatin
Fiona Marsh
Eve Newton-Johnson
Eleni Baconpanos
Lewis Kilpatrick
Rebecca Dewar
David Earle
Isobel Zorn
Jacob Diamond
Barnaby Pollock
Nicholas Mayer
Daniel Berini
Valentina Barron
Lucy Mills
Tamsin McLinden
Bronte Moore

Matthew Treadgold
Adam Sollis
Georgia Marwick
Ronan Chapple
Tahnee West
Marlene Crone
Grace Gilbert
Ashleigh Smith
Georgia Porter
Jenee Bell
Linton Aberle
Melissa Settineri
Phobe Woodhead
Portia Smallbone
Louise Honeybul
Samantha Elkington
Sophie Kesteven
Lauren Bourke
Liam Neville
Benjamin Hall
Kylie Cheong

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