From the Performing Arts Perspectives Committee

We would like to acknowledge the commitment and contribution to excellence in education of all performing arts teachers and schools.

To ensure that the integrity of the pieces used by students in their exams are maintained; minimal lighting, sound and staging elements are added to the performances.

Some performances may contain languages, themes and gestures that offend.

Performing Arts Perspectives performances are intended for senior secondary students and adults, with parameters and conventions for performance aligning closely with those defined by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. The Performing Arts Perspectives committee does not endorse the views or material contained in student performances.

We thank our sponsors, listed on our Event and Prize sponsors pages, and encourage you to support businesses and organisations that support education and the arts.

The selection of performers and items for inclusion in the programme are carefully made to reflect both benchmark performances and the breadth of work covered in each subject discipline.

The highest scoring WACE students are invited to audition and from these, performers are chosen to reflect the range and scope of creativity by a panel made up of representatives from the relevant professional arts area and education sector.

We thank the following people for their time, support and dedication:

The Performing Arts Perspectives Committee:

Chair: Lisa Honczarenko
Treasurer: Genevie Baker
Members: Jane Alderson, David Ballantyne, Stefan Brand, Judy Hendrickse, Chris McMillan, Robin Pascoe, and Sven Sorenson