Abby Tomkinson

Art form: Dance – Original Solo Composition (OSC)

Title: Duality

What process did you take to make/start your OSC?

I first decided to use the Ying and Yang symbol as my theme (opposing energy qualities) I then started by researching the basics about Taoism (ancient Chinese philosophy) and the Ying and Yang symbol. Then I sectioned my piece into 3 parts (Ying, Yang, and both combined). When creating each section, I explored the energy qualities suitable to that section and manipulated the elements of dance (B.E.S.T) to create phrases of movement. For the first section (Ying, which is smooth, relaxed, and wave-like) I improvised movement around the qualities of slow, suspended movement, swaying and rippling (almost as if to mimic water) then I joined the phrases together to complete the section. I then continued this process for the adjoining two sections, using the relevant qualities. Once I had created each section, I connected them together to create my finished piece.

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