Caleb Runciman

Art form: Drama – Scripted Monologue

Title: Dog by Steven Berkoff

What process did you take to make/start your OSP/SM?

For my SM initially I looked into the physical script’s origin and the playwrights intentions, figuring out whether I wanted to interpret or re-interpret. Be extremely experimental, test everything until you are happy. Feel free to take upon influence from other renditions of the piece but still try to make it your own. Secondly don’t feel upset when you have to let go of aspects of your performance.

What tips do you have for other year 12 students to help them prepare for their WACE exam?

Rehearse with peers and teachers watching whenever possible! Ask for constructive feedback as it is can help your performance greatly. Break up rehearsal times with mad snacks, it can be extremely draining to rehearse over and over and it can result in a lack of motivation.

Which was more time consuming – writing/choosing your OSP/SM or editing/rehearsing the finished product?

Editing and rehearsing accounting to time was a big issue for me, consuming a majority of my rehearsal. I’d recommend focusing on this first before you cut lines and that. Plan rehearsals leading up until exams.

Rock up to the exam with a YOLO attitude, you got this! Don’t be shy to warm up your voice in the rehearsal room. If you end up doing it digitally even better you get to do your exam in your rehearsal space!

I was lucky enough to have chosen my monologue before year 11 so I had a couple of years up my belt of performing my piece. Yet for others they switch, leaving little time to rehearse fully….try not to do this lol. But hey, it’s the creative process!

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