Declan Allen

Art form: Dance – Original Solo Composition

Title: Sensus Spartium (Sense of Space)

What process did you take to make/start your Original Solo Composition?

I knew I wanted my idea to be nothing anyone had ever seen before. I had seen a few dances online of people acting ‘blind, but I had never seen anyone actually dance with no vision. I was glued to this concept and determined to put myself into the shoes of a blind person and ‘lose’ my vision. From here I immediately began practicing with a blindfold and experimented with using other senses to move around the space, and my OSC began to piece together with these ideas.

What did you find most useful in class to help prepare you to create your solo?

Feedback from my teacher was my most useful resource in developing my solo. She was honest when telling me what worked or what I could try differently to have the best outcome. A lot of the time students forget that their teachers always want the best for them, and I am lucky to have had such amazing dance tuition.

What tips do you have for other year 12 students to help them prepare for their WACE exam?

Don’t think too deep into your concept for your solo. The examiners and whoever witness your performance do not want to search for a story, they want it to be clear. A simple story, theme or idea can go a long way. Sometimes less is more! Also never be afraid to seek advice from both your teacher and outside sources.

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