Eloise Budimlich

Art form: Drama – Original Solo Performance (OSP)

Title: The Dizzy Dame

What process did you take to make/start your OSP?

When making my OSP I focussed on developing a strong dramatic structure. I wanted my piece to have a steady rise in tension so that it would be engaging and suspenseful and therefore interesting to watch. To achieve this I improvised events that could further the rise to the climax of my OSP. The strongest of these became part of my script and helped bridge the gap between the ‘start’ and ‘end’ I had established. 

What did you find most useful in class to help prepare you to create your solo?

In class I learnt about the importance of rounded characters in realistic theatre. This was an idea that I became passionate about and I wanted to embody it in my OSP. In my class there was a focus on creating a ‘whole’ person with all the mannerisms, subtleties and thoughts that real people have. This was excellent in allowing me to understand the depth in which I needed to develop my character in order to portray her realistically and convincingly. 

What tips do you have for other year 12 students to help them prepare for their WACE exam?

In preparing for your WACE exam I would advise that you don’t have your OSP ‘set in stone’ when you initially write it. My piece continued to change every drama class from the day I finished writing it. It become tighter and better everyday until I decided on my ‘final copy’ a week or so before the exam upon reflection on my mock exam feedback. This allowed me to explore different ways of delivery, movement choices and even my own OSP script and led to a much more refined performance. 

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